November 2018

Eye Lashes

Alright! Especially to all the beautiful senoritas out there, we all know about the cuteness, charm and beauty you all possess and honestly it’s amazingly appraisable. Listen, the eyes there are mesmerizing and to make them even more magical and beautiful at the same time, cosmetic industry has a fantastic invention. In old days beautiful ladies used to add an extra layer to their beauty, by using hair extension to make their hairs look longer, thicker and again magically mesmerizing. Now that we are on the topic of extension, let us share a wonder discovery i.e. “eye lashes extension” we can see the sparkle already in the eyes.

 Belief it or not eyes play an important part in one’s personality and now this fact is unisex if a person has beautiful eye lashes (it certainly adds value to enhance the beauty of a person). Furthermore, attractive eyes will always be the first priority for any person to get close to somebody. Same is with the eyelash supplies Australia there are extensions available. There are certain people who like to have considerably long lashes where as some are satisfied with the eye lashes length.

 To add value and convenience; in market magnetic lashes are also available; going to a party just stick above your beautiful eyes and make them even more beautiful. There is a reason behind the desire of, long eye lashes which is to make eyes look bigger and better Yes! There is no need to be insecure of your fellow mate who has big eyes and certainly yours are not according to your choice (which is not true). Although it takes weeks or many month for eyelashes to get in the same length if they are cut, apart from sudden pull out, there are some specific reasons behind falling eye lashes eye lashes extension may beautify the personality, but excessive use of it, mascara or eye lashes curler creates exclusive reason of eye lashes shedding. On the other hand science has solution for shedding eye lashes too, and that is biotin, a very common ingredient eyelash serums sold as conditioning treatments for eye lashes. This is a nutrient rich product like lancer lash serum.

 Overall it has been observed that people usually think that use of lashes extensions damages one’s original ones that is so not true stop overthinking! If used properly with correct form and care they are absolutely safe and does not ruin the health of your original lashes and eyes. Yes there are some restrictions applied like do not rub the eyes with the extensions on, don’t try to add excessive mascara on eyes with the extension on (try to apply the mascara before applying the extensions).

 We agree there is nothing in this world like originality, but to add some value to it is nothing bad as long as one is not tempering the original in real. It is quite difficult for some to understand this fact regarding reality and everything said above but in the end it’s all true.

If you know how to look for the best bridal shop, you can have a big impact on finding the dream wedding dress that you have been always wanting. But the question arises, how do you choose a wedding dress that is right for you?

Friends and Family

I am sure you wouldn’t want to compromise when finding a perfect wedding dress, therefore, it is highly recommended that if you are on a look out for a trust worthy wedding dress store, ask your experienced friends and family about what shops did they opt for. Ask them why they chose that particular shop and if the overall experience was worthwhile or not.


Reviews are something that would allow you to get actual experiences about the brides. If you are on a lookout for the perfect bridal shop in Sydney, you should read reviews for bridal shops that are located in your area. Reading reviews allow you to have real information about the policies, their working hours and probably the collection they offer along with the price ranges. This makes is a one stop shop for all the information you need.


When it comes to your own wedding, make sure you have done enough research before finally making a final decision for even the tiniest details. Look out for the designs and latest trends of the bridal dresses to find out which designers you like the best then find out stores that offer your desired options. Most bridal shops have an option of carrying a list of the available designers on their online portal, so it is always smart and safe to consult before you decide for shopping.


Make sure you have already decided a budget under which you want to get your bridal dress in. This price point stuck to your head will allow you to make decisions of your dress accordingly. Although if you are low on a budget, you might not be able to the dress in every other shop so to avoid this scenario, be sure that you have checked the online page or website of the shop in advance.


Choosing the right location of the bridal shop is essential not only when you are going to purchase the dream dress, but also when your alterations are being done. Most of the time you wedding dress requires a fitting and alteration session of about two to three times which is why a location that is nearby for you would be the most convenient option. So look out for a store that wouldn’t require you to visit miles to get there.

In order to have a healthy body it is important to take care of your skin and Hair. There are many home remedies available to improve the condition of your skin and Hair and it also prevents the skin and hair for I’ll effects as well.

Importance of Hair and Skin Care

It is important for people to take care of their skin because bad care leads to skin related diseases and another problems in the body. Unhealthy skin can cause infections because of the dryness and cracks. These cause germs and bacteria to enter the body. A healthy skin also allows the body to control the temperature and steady the heart rate. It is important that products used for skin and hair and even bridal hair and makeup Sydney is done using products that do not have strong chemicals which will cause irritation in the skin. Minor skins issues can lead to skin cancer, early wrinkles and premature aging in the body. Here is a list of skin and hair routines to make your Skin and Hair healthy.


Dead cells form on the skin as well as the scalp therefore regular exfoliation is important to remove the dead cells in the skin. Change in temperature can also cause oil build-up in the skin and scalp. There are many home remedies used to exfoliate the skin and scalp. Banana peels are very effective in removing dead cells.


Every night it is important to moisturize the skins especially the hands and feet. Especially if you travel around and use the public transportation there is a high chance for dust and other particles to contaminate your Skin. So after a busy day it is important that you moisturize the skin so that it remains healthy throughout.


Always check that the products you use do not contain unnecessary chemicals and ingredients which may severely damage your skin. Make sure you inform your qualified hairdresser and makeup artist about allergies and infections so that the appropriate products can be used.


Your diet largely affects the food you consume. Overconsumption of oil and fatty foods can cause pimple and breakouts in your skin especially your face. Make sure you consume a lot of water in order to keep your skin healthy. Unhealthy skin damages the immune system so consume foods like fish to have a wrinkle free skin. A balanced diet is always the right way to consume your food but you may include snacks like nuts and dark chocolate so that your skin will not be affected.